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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Still can't figure this s#!t out? Ask us by sending an email to BS at

Is there real S#!T in the bags?

Yes, there sure is. We wouldn't BULLS#!T you!

Our bags are filled with REAL 100% All Natural BULLS#!T, HORSES#!T, and CHICKENS#!T, with the exception of NO S#!T.

We collect, pack, and ship S#!T from our plant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thanks to Yo Dish It, the S#!T that happens in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas!

How fast do I get my S#!T after I order?
We ship S#!T out daily as we get orders. All orders recieved by 12:00 Pacific time are shipped the same day, with the exception of holidays, weekends and times when we're up to our chins in S#!T.

All packages are sent by first class mail, and shipped from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Can I order S#!T and have it sent directly to the recipient?
Yes, you sure can. In fact, our shopping cart lets you send S#!T to different recipients by entering each recipient's information and choosing what you would like to send to them.

Go to the
Shopping cart now and give it a try!

Who should I send S#!T to?
Well, there are so many people that truly deserve S#!T.

Sit down and make your S#!T list and prioritize. Start with the most deserving people in your life and go right down the list. "Experts" say that there is a major therapeutic benefit in expressing yourself by sending S#!T at least once a week.

What do you get a buddy who's full of it? You guessed it!
A S#!T 6 Pack.

Take a stand, let'em know what you think. Yo Dish It, 4 S#!Ts & G!ggles!TM


Can I buy bigger bags of S#!T than the standard sizes shown on the website?
Nope. Not right now anyway. Although we are experimenting with other types of packaging and sizes!

Can I send S#!T to someone without them knowing it came from me?

Yes, simply check the *Send Anonymously* box when entering each recipient's shipping information. You may send a bag to 1 recipient anonymously and to another not anonymously in the same shopping cart.

Where do I send my comments and suggestions?
We want to make sure you get exactly the S#!T you're looking for, or your recipient does. We also want to make sure that our website and our social network pages are as good as they can be for our community. So feel free to email any suggestions and comments to BS at


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